A lot of people ask me "Are you the father or are you the son? So what is the story behind the 'father and son' name anyway?"

Father And Son

Well, it all happened like this: Back in 2003 my son Buddy was 13 years old. We were homeschooling him as we have done with our 4 other children.

Buddy is very bright and intelligent but languished in book work. Learning new things was no problem but he just was not geared to do seat work. To accommodate this learning style I thought it would be a good idea to pass on to him the business knowledge I had gained over the past 15 years by building, running and then selling my own pest control business. At the same time I could incorporate math, science, history and other subjects into the days activities. Buddy was enthused about the idea and our business was born!

Buddy in Afghanistan January 2011

Buddy in Afghanistan January 2011

In January of 2009 Buddy decided to serve our country in the U.S. Army. He served for 6 years as an EOD technician and rejoined me in the summer of 2015 after completing his enlistment and we are once again a father and son team!

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