I’ve been a client of Father and Son Landscape Maintenance for over a year and a half. I was blown away from the very start! It was the first time I owned a house with such elaborate landscaping and I had no idea how to care for all the plants. I called Father and Son and left a message. Skip returned my call within 5 minutes and came by my house the same day! He knew everything about our yard: how to care for the plants and what their “temperaments” were, how to care for the lawn, how to get rid of specific weeds, how to set up the best sprinkler system, etc. I couldn’t stump him if I tried!

Since we met, Skip and his company have constructed plant beds, installed sprinkler heads, laid down rock and taken care of the landscape maintenance and lawn care. I never cease to be amazed by the results of their work. Even now, knowing how good their work is and having such high expectations, they manage to exceed them! If it weren’t enough that Skip's work is amazing, despite having many other customers, he treats me like I’m the only one! Anytime I have a question, he has an answer. Anytime I have a concern, he’ll come over himself and check it out.

It seems so rare to find such true professionals: knowledgeable, experienced, hard-working, dedicated, and polite. I can’t say enough good things about Father and Son, Skip and his coworkers! Now my only problem is how do I convince them to relocate if I have to move?!?

Posted on 9/28/2010.

Andrea J. ( Navarre )