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Are you frustrated over the condition of your lawn? Have you spent thousands of dollars on fixing it with no results? Would you like to finally talk to someone who can tell you what the #*&$@* problem is and how to fix it??


The most common and effective type of aeration is "core aeration". This is done with a machine that pulls plugs out of the lawn about half the length of your little finger, leaving the lawn full of finger size holes. Soon the soil around these holes collapses, filling the holes, creating tiny air pockets in the soil which are good for root growth. The lawns that benefit the most from aeration are lawns with a lot of soil compaction. Soil compaction comes from traffic, like kids playing or riding mowers. Root competition from trees and shrubs can also bind up the soil, making it hard for grass roots to penetrate. Frequent irrigation or standing water can also cause the soil to be compacted. Under these conditions, a series of aerations during the growing season can do wonders to stimulate growth in areas of the lawn that have previously struggled.

Household Pest Control

Florida is bug Capitol of the world and 99 percent of all bugs that show up inside your home come from the outside! Our household pest control service provides monthly treatments around the parameter of your home and targets specific areas bugs live and breed to stop them before they come in! And if it is necessary to treat inside your home to address a specific pest problem, we will be happy to do that as well!

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