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How to Love Your Lawn to Death

Quite often when I inspect a sick lawn for the first time and ask the home owner to explain his maintenance practices over the past years, I hear something like this, ‘Well I put down (major brand fertilizer) four times a year just like it recommended and watered every day for 15 minutes a zone […]

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The Four Seasons of Lawn Irrigation

 We often receive questions when it comes to watering the lawn; the three main ones are: what time of day should I water, when do I need to water and how long should I water? Watering frequency will vary due to the time of year and the temperature outside. However, the time of day the […]

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After installing new sod there are a few things that are necessary in order to assure it gets established and thrives. WATER. Water is the most important element for new sod! When sod is harvested, 80%-90% of the root system is cut away so it has a very limited ability to absorb water. If the […]

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