How To Recognize Disease In A Lawn

Diseased Lawn

There are many types of diseases that can affect turf grass. Some of these can only be identified by sending a plant tissue sample to a pathology lab. However, there is one common disease of turf grass that displays some very tell tale signs. The turf disease commonly known as “brown patch” is caused by […]

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How To Water Your Lawn

Irrigation is the foundation of a healthy turf. Too little water and the grass will be thin and unhealthy, too much water and the root system remains shallow and grass becomes susceptible to disease. So what is the best way to water the lawn? The best rule of thumb is this: water as needed, as […]

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How To Tell If Your Lawn Is Drought Stressed

Drought stress is one of the leading causes of of turf decline. It is therefore important to be able to recognize the symptoms of drought stress when it occurs. One common mistake many people make is to assume that drought stress could not be an issue if the irrigation system is coming on regularly. The […]

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What Does A Healthy Lawn Really Look Like?

Most of us have a mind picture of what a healthy lawn should look like and feel like underneath our feet. The truth is, some of these images may not be accurate and attempting to create a lawn that lives up to the “ideal” can be counter productive or even disastrous to the overall health […]

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