How To Water Your Lawn

Irrigation is the foundation of a healthy turf. Too little water and the grass will be thin and unhealthy, too much water and the root system remains shallow and grass becomes susceptible to disease. So what is the best way to water the lawn?

The best rule of thumb is this: water as needed, as little as possible without stressing the lawn. Allowing the ground to dry out between waterings encourages the grass roots to grow deeper in search of water resulting in a stronger, healthier turf over all. Most homes in Florida have an automatic irrigation system. Few people may have the time to operate the system manually only when the grass needs it. So, if you are going to set the system to come on by itself, start by setting it to come on once every 3 days for 45 minutes a zone. Increase the number of days a week as needed to prevent the grass from becoming drought stressed and adjust as needed depending on irrigation requirements such as rain and temperature.

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