When choosing someone to manage your landscape it is important that they have the skill and experience to perform all the mechanical maintenance as well as have the ability to diagnose and treat problems in the turf and landscape plants.

The environment we have in northwest Florida creates special challenges to keeping the landscaping healthy and looking it’s best. Water management is a big issue. Specialized knowledge of irrigation systems is essential to keep landscaping properly hydrated without over saturation. Northwest Florida is also host to numerous diseases and insects that can have a devastating affect on turf and plants.

As the owner of Father and Son Landscape Maintenance, I am uniquely qualified in all the above. I have been performing landscape maintenance in this area for the last 20 years. I am very familiar with the turf and plants that are used in landscapes here. I worked in the pest control industry treating lawns and landscapes for much of those 20 plus years and I am licensed by the state of Florida to apply chemicals to turf and landscaping. I have installed a number of irrigation systems and am familiar with every system component. If something isn’t right in the landscaping, I have the experience to properly diagnose it and fix it! –Skip Orth