FREE Lawn Consultations

Is your lawn in decline? Have you re-sodded once already and it's looking like you may have to do it again? Have you tried over-the-counter lawn treatments with little or no results? Then give us a call at 850-939-9868.

Lawn problems can be tricky to identify because the symptoms of different problems can look the same. During your consultation, we’ll apply our expertise to correctly diagnose what is going on with your lawn and prescribe a course of action to help restore it.

We will:

  • Identify pest and disease activity
  • Identify specific weeds requiring specialized treatment
  • Identify environmental conditions inhibiting the health of your lawn
  • Identify irrigation problems that are inhibiting lawn health
  • Recommend a course of action to correct the issues we identify

Maintenance Packages

Our maintenance programs are designed around monthly visits. Each program includes a basic maintenance level of fertilizer, weed and insect control that every lawn needs to stay healthy. From there, included with each service program, we add specific treatments to your individual lawn that it requires, such as, additional fertilizer, speciality insecticides or herbicides (depending on the insects and weeds present) and fungicides.

Each service program includes free re-treatments if necessary.

Contact Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions at: 850-939-9868

Basic Maintenance Package

Deluxe Turf and Ornamental Package

Household Pest Protection Service

Weed Control In Planting Beds

Fire Ant Control

Mosquito Control

Superior Household Pest Service

FAQs About Our Services:

Why is your lawn service done monthly when other companies come less frequently?

What makes your lawn service different from other lawn companies?

You say you apply fertilizer every month, isn’t that too much?

Do you come every month, even in the winter?

Am I obligated to a contract?

If you are servicing my lawn is there anything else I need to do to keep it healthy?

If I have you servicing my lawn and I see something about my lawn that concerns me, what should I do?

Do you customize your treatments for each lawn?

How quickly should I see the results of your treatments?

Will I ever be charged extra for anything? 

Do you offer any discounts?

Do I need to be concerned about my pets with your treatments?

Can you let me know before you come service my lawn?

Do you treat for weeds even in the heat of the summer?

Are there any weeds or pests you cannot control? 

Do your treatments do anything for mushrooms growing in my yard?

Do your treatments do anything for animal pests like moles and armadillos?

Can I add another service or upgrade later if I choose to?

What payment options do you offer?