I recently received this question from a customer who moved here from the Midwest last year.

In Indiana if I had a bald spot in my lawn I would scratch the area with a stiff tine rake in March or April, and sprinkle some grass seed, keep it watered and watch the grass grow. Do I do the same thing in Navarre??
Thank you,”

Here is my answer:

Warm season grasses that we grow here are much different than the fescue and Kentucky blue that is grown in the Midwest. For the most part, warm season turf grasses are very hard to establish from seed. However, all the types of grass we grow in this area move laterally, so as long as the growing conditions are good, the grass will migrate to fill in bare areas and also increase density. 

The best way to deal with bare areas and increase lawn density with warm season turf grasses is to:

1. Make sure their is no root competition or too much shade from trees that is causing the grass to decline.
2. Make sure all areas are being double covered by at least two irrigation heads.
3. Install sod or grass plugs if you don’t want to wait for the bare areas to fill in from the edges on its own.

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