How To Winterize Your Lawn

winterize your lawn

Winterizer is a specially blended fertilizer that is high in potassium with little or no nitrogen. Potassium stimulates root growth and roots are where the lawn stores energy it will use in the spring when it comes out of dormancy.

Some fertilizers sold in big box stores, even though they are advertised as "winterizers" are formulated with a lot of nitrogen, exactly opposite of what should be applied to your lawn in the fall! Nitrogen stimulates top growth, something you do NOT want to do right before the grass goes into dormancy!

When choosing a winterizer, look at the numbers on the bag which indicate how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are in it, in that order. The first number, nitrogen should be 5 or less and the third number should be 15 or more. We use a 0-0-62 formulation when applying winterizer to the lawns we service.

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