April 28, 2020


In the winter, lawns go into dormancy or hibernation. During this time the lawn actually loses a lot of its mass. Over the winter the lawn sheds up to 50 percent of its root mass along with about as much grass blades and runners.

A lot of people begin to panic when they start to see their lawn come out of dormancy in the spring and realize it’s not as dense and lush as it was last year.

Do not to be anxious at the state of your lawn in early spring but to give it time to regain the root structure and top growth that it lost over the winter. Temperature plays a significant part in how fast the lawn starts recovering what was lost. Even though it will turn green, grass does not start growing very quickly until the temperatures get into the mid 80s. Some years this happens sooner than others. This year we have had a relatively cool spring which has retarded the the growth of the grass.

Be patient. A few weeks of warm, summery weather will stimulate the growth needed to make your lawn pretty again!


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