August 16, 2021

Skip Orth:
Hi, this is Skip Orth with Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions. And today, what I'm going to demonstrate to you is how to prune a Pindo palm with a chainsaw. Now you can use the same technique for other specimen palms, like Canary Isle Date or Sylvester palms. And what I wanted to show you is the trunk here. People like to get... Oh, there's my cat Tigger. People like to get this stair-step effect when they prune their palm trees. It almost kind of looks like a pineapple. I've got all these weeds growing in here, but. So I'm going to show you how to prune it so you can get that kind of stair-step or pineapple effect on the trunk. Okay?

Skip Orth:
Okay. As you can see, as I cut the boots off or cut the fronds off, I just left enough to kind of stair-step it up. That's a quick and easy way to give a nice presentable trunk on your Pindo palm or any other kind of special specimen palm.

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