Some types of grass are more shade tolerant than others but all need a minimum amount of direct sunlight to be healthy.
St. Augustine and Zoysia are the two most shade tolerant varieties of grass but they still need an average of 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive.
Newly planted sod needs even more light than established sod because it has to collect enough solar energy to grow a new root system while still producing top growth. 

Over time, established lawns can slowly adapt to shaded areas as tree canopies enlarge and become dense. They can still thrive on less than minimum sunlight, however, they will reach a tipping point at which there is not enough light to sustain the grass and it will decline quickly. 

Areas in the lawn that remain in constant shade, such as the north side of a house or fence, will be difficult to impossible to grow grass and are better off with mulch, rock and/or ornamental plants that do well in complete shade.

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