After installing new sod there are a few things that are necessary in order to assure it gets established and thrives.

Water is the most important element for new sod! When sod is harvested, 80%-90% of the root system is cut away so it has a very limited ability to absorb water. If the sod is laid in the summer, it is necessary to water twice a day, early morning and late afternoon, to keep the new grass from getting drought stressed. Water twice a day for about 2 weeks until the new sod starts to root and then decrease the frequency to once a day, early in the morning. HOWEVER, if the sod is laid during the cool season, the sod does not dry out nearly as fast and it is important to limit the watering frequency to avoid DISEASE activity! During cool weather, watering new sod once every 2-3 days in the early morning is usually sufficient. To determine if the new grass has enough water during cool weather, feel the soil on the back of the sod, if it is moist, the sod has enough water.

Do not apply any fertilizer to new sod for at least 30 days and not at all if daytime temperatures are below 85 degrees. Fertilizing new sod too early will retard root growth and could cause it to collapse and die. When fertilizing, use a balanced fertilizer such as a 10-10-10 that has equal amounts of all major nutrients since our sandy soil is void of all nutrients.

Applying herbicide to new sod will add stress to the grass and could kill it. Avoid applying and herbicide for at least a month or more until it becomes rooted in.

It’s not uncommon for sod to come infested with sod web worms eggs from the sod farm. Monitor the new sod closely and treat any sign of sod web worms immediately with insecticide. Applying insecticide to new sod will not stress it.

Disease is most common in new sod that is laid during cool weather. Monitor the new sod for disease activity and apply fungicides as needed. Fungicide will not stress new sod.

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