Dollar weed is one of the most pervasive weeds around! It is a perennial plant that thrives all year long. It’s very adaptable to whatever conditions it grows in. If it is growing in the lawn, it thrives close to the ground. If it is growing in a shrub bed, it will grow high, up through the plants. Dollar weed is one of the a few weeds that is so aggressive, it will choke out an otherwise healthy lawn. 

Dollar weed is easy to control however. Any herbicide that contains 2-4D will do a good job at controlling dollar weed. Between fall and spring when temperatures are cool is the ideal time to treat dollar weed. Cooler temperatures greatly reduce the risk of injuring the lawn while killing the weeds. 

2-4D products can be found at any garden center. Just be sure to carefully follow the directions on the product label because it is possible to injure or kill your lawn by using too much herbicide or using it too often.

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