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How to apply granular fertilizer

Hi, this is Skip with Father and Son Pest and Law Solutions. Today, we’re going to talk about how to properly apply fertilizer to your lawn. I get asked the question many times, “How do I apply fertilizer to my lawn? What setting do I put my spreader on? How many pounds of fertilizer should […]

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How to patch in a new piece of sod

This is Skip Orth with Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions. And today what we’re going to demonstrate is how to patch in a piece of sod into an area of your lawn that perhaps has declined. As you go through this growing season, different things happen to areas of the lawn, and it’s […]

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Turf Destroying Insects

Ewww a bug!You may have noticed that Florida has its fair share of bugs. They all have their food preferences; some like to feast on wood, some on humans and animals but the ones we will be going over in this article are those that have a target set on your grass! Most insect turf […]

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How to Love Your Lawn to Death

Quite often when I inspect a sick lawn for the first time and ask the home owner to explain his maintenance practices over the past years, I hear something like this, ‘Well I put down (major brand fertilizer) four times a year just like it recommended and watered every day for 15 minutes a zone […]

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The Four Seasons of Lawn Irrigation

 We often receive questions when it comes to watering the lawn; the three main ones are: what time of day should I water, when do I need to water and how long should I water? Watering frequency will vary due to the time of year and the temperature outside. However, the time of day the […]

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