How To Properly Care For Sabal Palm Trees

Sabal palms are a staple of Florida landscapes, being quite an attractive tree with their tall trunks and wispy fronds swaying in the breeze, creating a tropical feel anywhere they are planted. They are hardy palms and with proper care and maintenance can be the star of your landscape show. Native to the southern United States, […]

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How To Winterize Your Lawn

winterize your lawn

Winterizer is a specially blended fertilizer that is high in potassium with little or no nitrogen. Potassium stimulates root growth and roots are where the lawn stores energy it will use in the spring when it comes out of dormancy. Some fertilizers sold in big box stores, even though they are advertised as “winterizers” are formulated […]

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After installing new sod there are a few things that are necessary in order to assure it gets established and thrives. WATER. Water is the most important element for new sod! When sod is harvested, 80%-90% of the root system is cut away so it has a very limited ability to absorb water. If the […]

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